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He is eating a cheese toastie and drinking a cup of tea, most elegantly, with his little finger sticking out. Isn't it one thing, I say, for writers to do the book festival circuits, but to appear in the West End? He says: "Well, it's pointless to put out books and not tell people you have put out a book, right? He may be Bill Bryson, but more so, and with crazier hair. Does this mean it can never, ever be Dyson-ed, so to speak? "All children are curious," he replies, "and I don't think I was any more or less curious than the next child. And we had this big set of illustrated English history books, and I do remember liking those and spending many hours with them, but mostly I spent my time playing with Lego."Lego has yet to be toppled, hasn't it? "Lego went though a crisis and it had to transform itself from non-representational to representational. Kids require more of Lego today than they did in my day." You mean, we were happy just messing around with the bricks, but you now have to be able to build a Star Wars model?